Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Applications of Queue Data Structure

Queue data structure is used when things have to be processed in First In First Out order.

1) Queue is useful in CPU scheduling, Disk Scheduling. When multiple processes require CPU at the same time, various CPU scheduling algorithms are used which are implemented using Queue data structure.

2) When data is transferred asynchronously between two processes.Queue is used for synchronization. Examples : IO Buffers, pipes, file IO, etc.

3) Print Spooling.In print spooling, documents are loaded into a buffer and then the printer pulls them off the buffer at its own rate. Spooling also lets you place a number of print jobs on a queue instead of waiting for each one to finish before specifying the next one.

4) Breadth First search in a Graph .It is an algorithm for traversing or searching  graph data structures. It starts at some arbitrary node of a graph and explores the neighbor nodes first, before moving to the next level neighbors.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

UNITEDHEALTH GROUP Interview Experience for Software Engineer Profile. CTC 9.88 LPA

Hiring Process:
1. Analytical Aptitude   (written - pen and paper round)
2. Technical round       (MCQ and coding) (written - pen and paper round)
3. Technical Interview 1 (F2F)
4. Technical Interview 2 (F2F)
5. HR Interview          (F2F)

Round 1 - Analytical Aptitude:
 30 questions need to be solved in 45 minutes. Questions were tricky and needed to be solved fast.
 Negative marking for wrong answers (+1 for correct and -0.5 for each wrong answer).
 Difficulty Level - Medium.
       Tips       - Practice on questions similar to CAT.

Round 2 - Technical round:  optional for non CSE students.
 20 MCQs + 4 coding questions 45 minutes.
 MCQs were based on Data Structures, Networking and Operating Systems.
 Coding questions:
 1)   Find the longest palindrome in a given string.
 2)   Implement queue using two stacks.
 3)   Find the middle element of the linked lists in a single pass (you can only traverse the list once).
 4)   N numbers ranging From 1 to N are given, there is exactly one number missing and exactly one is repeated find the repeated and missing number.
 5)   One networking based question is given. We need to write the solution in brief.
 Tips - Problems are not so tough. Practice writing codes on paper.
        Time is the only constraint. Keep it fast.
 20 students were shortlisted out of 80 students for further interviews.

Round 3 - Technical Interview 1: (45 minutes)
 1. Tell me about yourself.
 2. Then he asked me to explain all the codes that I had written in technical round.
 3. He thoroughly went through my resume and asked questions.
 4. He asked me to write code for Merge sort. He extended that question to how to sort very huge data   with limited memory available for sorting. There is a long discussion and I explained using external merge sort and he satisfied with my answer.
 5. Whole database design of my project. Applications of my project. I explained him the database schema of my project with ER diagrams.
 6. Asked some SQL queries also.
 7. Do you have any question for me? (Try to ask a question).

Round 4 - Technical Interview 2: (40 minutes)
 1. Introduce yourself.
 2. Discussion on my Project.
 3. He asked questions on Normalization. Need of database normalization. Discussion on the types of Normal forms with examples.
 4. He then asked questions on Polymorphism and Inheritance in Java.
 5. How would you solve a Sudoku? He asked me to give an algorithm and I solved it using the concept of backtracking.
 6. There is a Car rental company having many cars each giving different mileage. Each car having some features. He asked me to design an app so that customers can filter the cars based on their required features and book the car.
 7. Do you have any questions?

HR interview:
 This round was not given much Priority.
 1. Tell me your strengths and weakness.
 2. Have you ever worked in a team?
 3. What do you know about UHG?
 4. Why do you want to join UHG?
 5. Location Preference (Three locations available to choose. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon)

Finally they selected 6 students out of 80 students appeared.

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